Welcome Friends,

We are a cats only, home based boarding service now in our 13th year of business!  Our goal is to provide excellent service to both our cats and customers.  These are a few of our features:

* large cages with upper sleeping shelves

* infirmary room for isolation

* 1 room available with windows (no cage needed!)

* playrooms for out of cage time (cats are rotated all day             long, individually or with same family cats)

* full range of medications given at minimal cost

* 24 hour and double door security

* reasonable and long term rates

* pick up and delivery service offered at reasonable
            charge  within the greater Seattle  area

* open 7 days a week for  pick up and delivery ( see

Serving the greater Seattle area for 13 years...providing safe and secure boarding for your favorite felines!
Oliver in playroom
Pan and Charlie in playroom (siblings)