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17510 Bothell Way NE

Bothell, WA 98011

(425) 419-4337

Open Daily


 holidays we are closed for drop off & pick up:

New Year's Day


Fourth of July



Morning Hours

 8am - Noon

Evening Hours

 4pm - 7pm


1511 NE 166th St

Shoreline, WA 98155

(206) 367-3325



Starting in 1999, Purrfect Cat Boarding has constantly strived to provide the best boarding experience for our guests. We have the space to meet your boarding needs no matter how many cats are in your family, from a single kennel to the cat house!

Our belief is that you should not feel like you have to pay for a second vacation in order to go out of town. Because of this, we offer competitive pricing and long-term discounts.

If your cat has special dietary needs or requires medication, we can accommodate almost any request including insulin and subcutaneous fluids!


In June 2022, we opened our second location in Bothell and partnered with Alex the Cat Groomer to provide high-quality cat grooming to our feline friends.

 We are always striving to offer the greatest service possible to our customers to ensure you can take your vacation, move, or remodel your house knowing your cat is getting the quality care they deserve.


Cat Boarding - Shoreline / Bothell

We offer short-term to long-term boarding from a kennel to a private room.


We'll be able to find a place for your furry friends to stay no matter how many cats are in your family!

Please see the rates menu for details.

alexcatgroomer logo

Cat Grooming -Bothell Exclusive

We work alongside Alex the Cat Groomer to offer a full range of specialized cat grooming services during your kitty's stay. 


If you have any grooming questions, please contact Alex     (206) 714-2539


Check out his list of services by clicking the button below!


All boards 21 days or longer receive a $5/day discount



Single Kennel

One Cat

$33 per day

Long-Term Rate (21+ days)

$28 per day

Large Kennel

Two Cats

$43 per day 


Third Cat

+$15 per day

Long-Term Rate (21+ days)

$38 per day

Please note: Large kennels will be prioritized for customers with two cats, extra large breeds, and cats with limited mobility in order to serve our customers best. 

Private Room
(max 4 cats)

One to Two Cats

$55 per day 


Each Additional Cat

+$15 per day (up to 4 cats total)

Long-Term Rate (21+ days)

$50 per day

The Cat House

One to Three Cats

$65 per day 


Each Additional Cat

+$15 per day (up to 5 cats total)

Long-Term Rate (21+ days)

$60 per day


Additional Rates

Sub-Q Fluids                              
House Food (per cat)                      
Additional Meals (more than 2)            
Flea Treatment (topical/oral)            



Facility Gallery

Helpful Information

  • We feed twice a day, morning and evening. Please bring enough food for your cat’s stay and any medications/supplements if applicable. We will provide the rest such as bedding, litter, food dishes, etc. Feel free to bring along any beds or blankets from home if you feel this will help your kitty settle in easier. Please note that these items may be washed. 

  • Each cat/cat family will get time outside of their kennel separately from the others to explore the room and expend some energy for at least 1 hour every day. Each room has windows and towers for them to climb, play, and bird watch. Cats also take turns being let out overnight. 

  •  At Shoreline, please call us or ring the doorbell when you arrive so we can greet you at the door or your car. At Bothell, you're welcome to come on in. Our business hours are 8 am-12 pm, and 4 pm-7 pm daily for pick-ups and drop-offs (except for major holidays when we are closed for customers but full with kitties).  


Boarding Requirements

  • Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations are required for all cats with proof, or an exempt letter from their vet if they are over the age of 13 and/or have any health conditions that prevent them from getting vaccinated. If you have a kitten, whatever age-appropriate vaccines they may have at the time will suffice.You or your vet can email us any records ahead of time or you can bring in a copy when you drop off your cat(s). 

  • We do not accept unfixed adult male cats, we apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • We do not accept cats who are FELV+ or have feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) due to easy spread between cats.

       We can accept FIV+ cats in private rooms only. 

  • We recommend that cats over 12 years of age, or in frail health to please see a vet prior to a long-term board; your kitties' health is our greatest concern!

  • If your cat takes meds that need to be administered with food, it can be helpful to get an appetite stimulant from your vet in case your cat has a decreased appetite while boarding. 

  • New customers are required to fill out our boarding agreement and all other applicable forms under the documents tab. You can email us any files ahead of time or you can take a few additional minutes to fill them out here when you drop off your cat(s).

  • We ask that new customers pay a partial payment at drop-off, existing customers may pay at pick-up. Boards of more than 2 weeks must be paid every 2 weeks or by arrangement. We accept cards, cash, and checks.​​


Customer Documents

Boarding  Agreement

Medication Instructions

Senior Cat Waiver (12+)



"Good & Safe Place to Take Your Cats!"

I brought my cats here for day boarding while there was construction going on at my house. They took very good care of both of them and treated them kindly. I was able to put them in their kennels which helped them feel more at ease. They had a very nice facility and large kennels for the two of my cats. The staff was very kind and friendly… Definitely a good and safe place to take your cats.


– Tess

"Staff is Knowledgeable & Attentive!"

I hate needing to leave my cat when I travel, but Purrfect Cat Boarding gives me complete peace of mind when I do need to leave her! My cat is always in good spirits when I bring her home, and the staff is so knowledgeable and attentive- I know she’s in great hands when I leave her here!


 – Courtney B.

"Purrfect is Amazing!"

Purrfect is amazing! My cat is typically pretty anxious in new places but comes back from her stays at Purrfect happy and calm. I love that when I drop her off, I get to see where she will be staying and help get her settled in.                                                                                      

  - Megan T.

"Quick To Respond To Whatever Concerns Or Questions You May Have!"

I have trusted this business with my cats for two years now and couldn't be happier with the care my kitties receive while I'm gone. The staff is welcoming and friendly, and they truly care about the cats in their care. They remember my cats every time and comment on how my kitten has grown, etc. Very personable. If you're like me, your cats are your babies and it's anxiety-inducing to leave them in the hands of others while you're away. I am so pleased to say Purrfect Cat Boarding has always provided a safe and clean environment for my babies and they're always quick to respond to whatever concerns or questions you may have - especially when it comes to sending updates on how the cats are getting on. Also, their prices are the most reasonable for the Seattle area considering the level of care the cats receive. Highly recommend.                    


 – Claire T. 

"My cat always comes back happy!"

I boarded my cat at the Shoreline location a few times and my cat always came back happy! Tried the new Bothell location since it’s closer to me and had the same positive experience again. They send photo updates upon request which is so nice and personal. I’ve tried other boarding facilities in the past so I know my cat is well taken care of at Purrfect because he always comes back clean and healthy. Highly recommend!


-Claire K.


Contact Us! 

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